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  • Italian outwear firm Herno enters activewear segment with Montura´s acquisition

Italian outwear firm Herno enters activewear segment with Montura´s acquisition

Por Angela Gonzalez-Rodriguez

1 de dic de 2021

Italian outwear brand Herno has announced the purchase of activewear label Montura. The transaction will be completed in January 2022 and will allow Herno to enter a new market through its first acquisition.

Nuo Spa was the partner chosen by Claudio Marenzi - CEO at Herno – to handle the financial transaction, according to sources close to the matter cited by the ´Corriere della Sera´ who speak of a 45 percent stake. The World-Wide Investment Company Ltd., of the Hong Kong Pao family also sided by Marenzi in this deal.

“In the future, the active product will play an increasingly important part in the market. Montura’s potential is enormous. The different skills acquired by both companies will be able to take advantage of synergistic projects in the operational and clearly in the digital field, while maintaining maximum independence for Montura ”, said the president of Herno Claudio Marenzi when commenting on the acquisition.

“Faithful to our vision of making Italian excellence grow, we could not have hoped for a better start for Montura, a brand and a product philosophy that represents Italianness in all its meanings. Leading this project, Claudio Marenzi, a visionary and determined entrepreneur who has shown through his company Herno, how the fabric of Italian medium-sized companies can play a leading role in the global panorama. Nuo will support Montura’s growth and development in the market thanks to the network and resources of its two shareholders, Exor and Wwic”, added the CEO of Nuo Spa, Tommaso Paoli.

Montura launched in 2000 as the brainchild of Roberto Giordani has ever since become a world reference for mountaineers for the quality of technical mountain products.